Monday, November 20, 2006


It is hard to believe that we moved here only 3.5 months ago. Somedays it feels so much longer. I guess that is a good thing. It means we are settling in. Right? As you know, this move really sucked. Emily and I have really struggled. But it has seemed to be getting better.

Poor Emily has had a rough past few days though. Friday morning she just cried and cried before school saying how much she misses Illinois and everyone back there. I am sure some of it is because we went back to Illinois for a few days and she hung out with all her friends, at the gym and at her school and then 3 days after that Jamie and the girls came to visit for 4.5 days. She seems to be settling in okay. She has made lots of friends at school, got straight 3's/A's on her first report card and is settling in at her new gym and with the girls there. But her heart hasn't been here, if that makes sense.

Today Em had a gymnastics meet. It was the worst she has competed in over a year. As we were riding in the car on the way home she said to me "Mom, we aren't moving back to Illinois anytime soon, if ever, are we." When I told her "no", she sat there for a minute then told me "okay". I am not sure if that was the beginning of her acceptance, but I hope so. As a parent it breaks my heart to see her hurting. But I also know that this is something she needs to work through on her own. Because if she doesn't she will miss out on the awesome opportunities that God has in store for her here.


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Aw, it's shard on the kids when you move. We moved to Fl. a year ago from NJ and I know if we could, my oldest would go back in a heartbeat!

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