Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Miss Me?

What a long past 5 days. We got back around 10 pm last night after our Thanksgiving trip back to Buckeye Country (AKA Ohio). It was a long, but good visit.

We left with the chickens on Wednesday trying to avoid the worst of the coastal storm and traffic. Luckily we managed to avoid both. Wednesday night we were to the movies with my parents. We did a guy/girl movie night. The boys went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and the girls went to see Flicka. I was torn between wanting to drool over Orlando Bloom with the boys or Tim McGraw with the girls. Tim won and I have to say it was a good choice.

Thursday was the big Turkey Day. The girls were so excited to get to help my mom make the homemade cranberry relish and the baked corn. Then we had a nice dinner with our family, my parents and my brother and SIL. For once I didn't eat until I wanted to puke. I let Matt do that instead. Then we went to the movies with my brother and SIL. I now remember why I do not goto movies with my brother. He took us to see Borat... needless to say my brother and I do NOT have the same taste in movies. But regardless it was awesome to get to spend some time with my brother. He has really grown up into quite a young man (is 27 considered young??) and I just love his wife.

Friday my mom and I hit Black Friday shopping with both feet running. I am happy to say I got over 1/2 of my shopping done. Then Friday afternoon we met up with Matt's sister, brother, their spouses and my neices and nephews. For those who do not know, the family is in a wee bit of conflict with the woman my FIL married a few years ago. I am happy to report after abrief encounter between DH and her, we were left alone for the day to visit with the rest of the family. While the men went to pick corn my SILs and myself watched the kids and talked. It seems like forever since we have done that and it was very nice. After the guys cleaned up we went to dinner, however next time I highly suggest ordering take-out. Dinner with 6 adults and 7 children (5 of them being 3 or under) is quite frazzling.

Saturday after we said goodbye to my family and DHs family we stopped by the hospital to visit Matt's grandma. She was admitted on Thanksgiving day and right now we aren't too sure what is wrong with her. So keep her in your thoughts. Then we headed to Coolumbus to catch up with some friends and for the kids to be in the Gahanna Holday of Lights parade (don;t worry I will have just an entry deducated to my kids first parade experience). We had an awesome time and it was great catching up with people that we haven't seen since this summer and to meet the new babies in the group and for the kids to play.

Sunday we left for home, hoping to avoid traffic. No such luck. It took us almost 3 extra hours to get home. Nothong like driving 10 MPH through the mountains as I get sick and DH gets annoyed with stupid drivers. But regardless we made it and it was SO nice to sleep in our own bed. It is always nice to visit, but it is always nice to come home too.

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Val said...

Sounds like a great week back home. Glad things went well with your sil and getting to bond a little. And Coooolumbus? :) Hehehe...I knew you liked it, but not THAT much ;)

Glad you made it back safely, but I wish "safely" was again in Decatur. Miss you.