Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Wish List

I have been asked to blog some of the things I am putting on my Xmas Wish List this year. The older I get the harder I find coming up with my Xmas lists. And as usual there is no rhyme or reason to what I am putting on my list. As we all know, I am a bit weird.

(The links are just showing what they are. I am not married to any particular brand or place)
  1. Ramekin Dishes - I've been wanting these forever. And as cheap as they are I have no clue why I haven't bought them.
  2. Cocktail Shaker - To use with my new Martini Glasses! (and no Val I didn't just get one, I got 4) I have a cute plastic one from my 29 Forever Party, but I really want a steel one.
  3. Ipod Arm Band - I need something for when I run. Tucking it into my pants isn;t working very well. (I have the mini ipod)
  4. Better than a $2 Wine Bottle Opener - Ours is a hand me down from my dad, which was a leftover from his bartending days.
  5. Wine Glass Charms - These would be perfect for a martini party I am hosting in January!
  6. Pink Golf Hand Towel - To match my pink clubs!
  7. Pink Golf Balls - So I can find my ball in the sand traps and water easily.
  8. Book Light - So I can stop listening to Matt whine about the light being on when he is trying to sleep and so I can read in the car.
  9. Cute little toe rings - For all my flip flop wearing in November!
  10. Cute earrings- I have lost most of my earrings in the move somehow. Anything silver and not huge works.
  11. Car Cassette Adapter for my ipod - The ones that go through the radio are crap. But the cassette ones are supposed to work great.
  12. Ice Bucket - Black or steel.
  13. Isight - So people will quit bugging me about a web cam. They make so few choices for a mac that it's been a PITA trying to find one.
  14. Garlic Press - Again, something I have been wanting but never got around to buying.
  15. 11 x 7 Glass Pan - I had loaned mine to someone in Decatur and never got it back.


Val said...

Hey thanks, Sista! :)

Val said...

Oh oh oh! No one get her the ipod armband because I think I have one that's never been used she can have! :)

Lisa said...

Alexis, my iPod transmitter for my car works AWESOME! I don't know what brand it is. It works through the radio though!!! It's perfectly wonderful... Maegan always asks for The Little Mermaid OR the iPod, when we are driving in the car. Next week I get to start listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! wooohooo
This a good list!
Oh and on Matt's new MacBook Pro, it has a built in camera... it's pretty nifty!