Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

It was a wonderful Christmas day at the Jacobs' house. The looks on the kids faces as they opened each present was priceless and will forever be etched in my memory. This was the first year Matt didn't guess each present I bought him and he was happy with every gift he got. I got more than I ever asked for. I got new spice rack to match my kitchen, an ilive ipod boombox (it even has a CD player and a radio! PERFECT for the beach), an ipod armband, a stainless steel drink shaker, golf balls, golf towel, golf gloves and tees.

We had a family-fun filled day. The girls helped me get dinner ready and everything in the oven. Then we had a cornhole tournament (Matt's big gift) where Em and I kicked Matt and Chris's butt's THREE times. We have been crowned Cornhole Queens. (However since Matt is sick he claims we need a rematch when he is feeling 100 percent). We watched Christmas shows and just hung out together. I think Matt knows this Christmas was a bit lonely for me because this is the first Christmas here. Not having any family and friend's nearby make holiday's hard. But tomorrow we are driving back to Ohio, and I am looking forward to seeing family and catching up with friends.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

The kids waiting at the top of the steps before they were allowed down to see if Santa came. Needless to say Sam isn't very happy.
Sam opening her Disney CD player.
Chris opening his motor erector set.
Emily showing off her i-dog.
Sam showing off her doodle bear from Santa.
Emily loves her new chair!
Matt opening his cornhole game. Boy was he surprised!
It was raining outside so we set up the game in Em's room.
I'm getting ready to toss my beanbag.
Getting ready to eat our Christmas dinner.
I was very proud of my twice baked potatoes.


Val, that's me said...

looks like a really great first christmas in NC. I'm happy to hear that :)

Jamie said...

I am glad that you guys all had a good christmas despite being so far away. I had to laugh out loud at the picture of Christmas Dinner where everyone was still in their PJ's haha