Friday, December 15, 2006

Secret Confession

I am a soap opera junkie. Now I don't fit the typical SAHM stereotype of sitting in my PJs all day, eat ting bon bons and watching the soaps. And I don't even use my DVR to sit and watch later, commercial free. Instead I have become addicted to Soapnet. Soaps 24/7.

See I tend to be a bit of an insomniac. I used to watch Nick at Nite, but there are only so many times one can watch Will Smith get into trouble on Fresh Prince. So I started flipping through the channels and found Days of Our Lives on at 11 pm. Now I have to admit I have always watched DOOL. I remember watching it with my mom when I was little. In college when it was so stupid that Marlena was possessed by the devil and Stephano was on his rampage. And throughout my years as a SAHM I have managed to stay on top of what was going on, mainly through Internet spoilers and catching a show here and there.

But now I find myself not only spending an hour with the people of Salem (DOOL), but an hour in Port Charles (General Hospital) and another in Pine Valley (All My Children). I tell myself it is better than watching infomercials, but I secretly find myself cheering along for Babe and JR to get back together, for Bo and Hope to finally be at peace, and for Carly to wise up and get over Sonny (which she appears to have –– finally). And don't forget the mafia wars on GH, the killer on the lose in Pine Valley and of course is Stephano still alive on DOOL?

Is my life so boring that I have to resort to televised smut? Shouldn't I spend those three hours improving my mind and watching the History Channel or the Discovery Channel or heck, even sleeping. Probably... but ya know that wouldn't be as fun.


leeshaswafford said...

Hey Girl I'm with you...I love watching my "Show Poppers" ( this is what one of my kids calls them, LOL). My an ABC girl (or is it NBC now??) Well anyway, AMC, OLTL, & GH....who do you think is going to die next in Pine Valley, Will Blairs baby be Todd's or Spencer's, Will Carly really marry Jax, & most important How does Jason stay so sexy??...LOL

Val, that's me said...

Since I was 5 I have been watching all the ABC soaps - AMC, OLTL and GH. And I also watch Y&R on CBS. I don't want nearly as often as I use to before I had kids that watch cartoons, but when I do turn the channel, it seems like things are still the same so I can still keep up. My couin named her dd after Haley on AMC and her son after another old character on GH, Stone!!