Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get ready... High School Musical 2

One of the best things about Emily being older is she is my excuse to **have** to watch movies like High School Musical and shows like Hannah Montana and Drake & Josh.

I admit I LOVE the movie High School Musical. It reminds me of a 21st Century Grease, without the cool Pink Ladies and T-Birds jackets. How can you help but not fall in love with Troy and Gabriella like you did Sandy and Danny? How can you not find yourself singing the songs as you work around the house?

So all you High School Musical fans, get ready. Coming Summer 2007 (yes that is THIS summer) –– High School Musical 2!!! I can hardly wait.

Until then, why don't cha get'cha head in the game and sing along with me.


Val, that's me said...

I've not even seen the first one. I will have to watch it with you cuz no way will neil watch it!!! :)

SuperMom said...

Oh, Val, just wait 'til Maia's older; you won't have a choice.

I hesitate to say this Alexis b/c I think you liked Grease 2 ;), but I'm going to wait before getting excited about HSM2 since Grease 2 was a disappointment (for me).