Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Here!!!

Finally, after a long 8 month wait, American Idol is back!!! Will there be another Clay? Another Taylor? Another Carrie? All you American Idol fans check in here!


Val, that's me said...

I don't care how great they are. No one will ever surpass Clay :) I'm really looking forward to this year, though. Tonight was pretty miserable, tho. MN did not bear many Hollywood'ers. Was quite funny though!

leeshaswafford said...

Josie & I are eager to watch this season!

We had a Volleyball game last night, but was "lucky" to catch the last hour. OMGoodness, this world is full of some really weird people.

Hopefully tonight will bring in some talent! :)

SuperMom said...

You know, I really enjoy AI but I'm never able to watch for some reason. I must always be putting the kids to bed or something when it's on b/c I never seem to catch it. :(

I love Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson though, even though I didn't really watch them on AI.

Jen said...

I love American Idol, too. However, I like to start watching it when they finally get to Hollywood. I don't like the beginning. I feel so sorry for some of the people and how humiliating it is. I'm too sensitive. Does anyone have Taylor's cd? It's great. I also have Chris Daughtry's. LOVE HIM!

Kim said...

I was not happy with the judges last night!!!! Meanies!