Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Matt's Travels

Matt is still in Tucson, Arizona on business and will be there until Friday. Lucky man you may say? Usually I would agree with you, but this time I have to say "Poor Matt", and believe me I do not say that often.

Matt had been saying all last week how unseasonably cold it had been out in Tucson. Then yesterday Matt decided to drive up to Northern Arizona to go skiing in the mountains. A less than 3 hour drive there turned into 5 hours as he drove through what he called blizzard conditions to get to the ski lodge. After skiing for 2.5 hours he barely made it back to Tucson after almost 6 hours of driving and the police shutting roads down. (For Matt to say that he was scared to drive, it must have been bad. Of course the idiot didn't stop anywhere.)

Then this morning he called me to say that they were under a winter storm warning and there was almost 2 inches of snow on the ground. He was unable to get on the roads he was needing to take to the Proving Grounds as they were being blocked off.

Who would have thought that right now in Tucson, Arizona it would only be 32 degrees? What a weird, weird winter it is turning out to be.


Kim said...

Oh wow! It is a weird winter. It's been 80 degrees here almost everyday and I heard like 70 up in NJ.

Val, that's me said...

Crazy!!!!! Poor Matt! :(