Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My name is Alexis...

And I am a Mac addict. Okay I admit it. I hate PCs. I find them user unfriendly, inflexible and just not very convenient. Plus they don't look as pretty sitting on a desk. Maybe it was because I learned on an Apple IIc back in the 80s. You know, the ones with the big floppy disk that were connected to a dot matrix printer that allowed you to play Pong.

Five years ago if you asked how many Mac users I knew I could only name a few. Now, it seem like almost everyone I talk to is a Mac convert, is planning on converting soon (especially with the new Intel processors and coming loaded with Windows XP) or is thinking of converting. Even Matt who always complained about my Apple loyalty has been caught drooling over the newly released Macs.

Last night at Emily's gymnastics practice the owner came running up to me as I sat and surfed the net. (I love going to a gym with wireless) He had just bought a new Mac, yes the one fully loaded with all the Intel and XP bells and whistles (lucky man) and was excited to see someone else with a Mac. I wonder what my chances are of getting to tinker on that machine.

So in honor of all my fellow Mac lovers (and I know several read this blog) I am posting one of my favorite Mac commercials. Even those not on a Mac will get a good chuckle out of it. Enjoy!!

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