Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I Like About Living in North Carolina
  1. Sweet tea. Everywhere you go you can get sweet tea. In fact some places offer free sweet tea. Others have a 32 oz special for $1.00. I love sweet tea.
  2. Flip flops. I can wear my flip flops all year.
  3. Church is a big deal around here. I find it comforting.
  4. I can do a day trip to the beach easily. In fact we have already done several. Nothing better than sand between my toes anytime I want.
  5. The ocean. I love being able to get to the ocean in less than 2 hours. I always find special comfort in looking at the ocean.
  6. Warm weather. Sure we had our little "ice/snow" today, but the cold weather here is really mild. And for some reason 45 degrees here feels like 60 did up North. It is a different type of weather here.
  7. Mexican restaurants. I have found some really great Mexican food here. Give me some good food and I am a happy woman.
  8. There are so many things to do here. Within a half an hour's drive there are enough activities and places to go/see/do that I could be busy all year.
  9. Different types of food choices. Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian, American, Greek, Mediterranean, you name it and they have it here. I love being able to expand my eating options. (again see #7)
  10. BBQ. Okay so most of my love for North Carolina settles around food. But the Carolina's are well knows for their BBQ. Come visit me. Try the BBQ. I promise you will want to move here.
  11. The schools. Our school district rocks. The education our kids are receiving here is not even comparable from where we have lived before.
  12. Crepe Myrtle's. Everywhere you drive there are crepe myrtle's. What a gorgeous tree.
  13. The accent. I love a southern accent.
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Allie said...

I just went on vacation to Charolette and I loved all the sweet tea too.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Ok, I've gotta visit there now. You are a great cheerleader for the state! :-)

Barbara said...

Glad you are enjoying the south. I live a little farther down - AL. And, we also have some of those same good things - just too far from the beach where I live. But, we do have some of the best BBQ around.

Check out my TT.

Krissy said...

Well now I want to visit NC! Sounds like a wonderful place - I had no idea! I was in Georgia last year - we took a trip to Tybee Island - my first view of the ocean, ever. Nothing quite compares to an ocean. Thanks for your list!

Val, that's me said...

I have never heard of Crepe Myrtles? Interesting. Send me a pic!!!

Even though we will be moving only 30 miles away now, we will have one of the best school systems in the state AND a huge variety of food. I guess they have some great sushi places i Chambana which I look forward to. I have been to one Thai there which was excellent. I can already see myself "living" there and never setting foot in Smelly Town USA again - unless I have to. I'm glad you like NC so much. You deserve to have that happiness.

Jen said...

Love this, Alexis. I should do a Mississippi one. There are already a couple on your list that I would say for MS. SWEET TEA!!! Love it. I am seriously addicted. YUM! The BBQ down here is out of this world. You know what else I like about the south? The manners. Everyone has good manners. A child would get in a lot of trouble if they didn't say Yes Mam or no Sir, please and thank you. Everyone (whatever age, race or gender) has good manners. Oh, and they also say Miss Jennifer and Mr Ryan. Love the south!! I just love that Addison will be raised in the south.