Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wanting to Renew My Vows

That's it! I'm going to talk to DH about renewing our wedding vows just so I can do this at my reception!


Val, that's me said...

That was pretty funny. I see a lot, but never this. I do see some pretty fun things, however. That is why I love shooting weddings so much . . . every one is so different any the receptions are my fave (mostly because of the food, tho, lol!).

Jamie said...

ok I am laughing my ass off. So many things running thru my head.

1. Do you think the wedding party got together weekse in advance to practice this?

2. Do you think the bride and groom met due to their love of MJ??

3. Did they do an American Idol type auditions for dancing talents???

Great Find A!!

Victoria said...

oh that was hysterical!!! Thanks for posting that!! :) xo

Anonymous said...

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