Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Weather Advisory

Hard to believe two days ago we hit 74 degrees. We are under a winter weather warning for tomorrow morning. Now if I was still in Illinois this would mean several inches of blowing snow, frigid single digit temps. Here it means ice. The TVs are telling people to stock up. City's are sending emails to townspeople telling them of what to do during the "storm". They are ready to put a brine solution (do I even want to ask what is in that?) on bridges and major highways. I am waiting for the school is canceled automated call.

I am just sitting back and laughing. Spending 31 years in the North this is nothing. But I have sworn not to be on the road with these people. I think I would rather go for my annual. I guess it will make for some good blogging though.


barnmouse said...

Yeah...people here in NC can be kind of...uh...dumb, when it comes driving in any kind of winter weather. I try to stay off the roads as much as possible when it's supposed to be icy or snowy for fear of running into one of those "oh my gosh it's snowing so I must go 20 miles over the speed limit to get home really fast" people.

leeshaswafford said...

It sounds like they have everything under control. I'm glad to hear your pantry is full...LOL.

The winter's you have experienced I'm sure this will feel like a vacation.


Val, that's me said...

barnmouse's response made me lol :)