Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy V-Day

Last year Matt got me a large, yet cute and soft, stuffed dog as part of my Valentine's Day present. He always claims to be boycotting "Hallmark Holidays", yet never does.

Today we met for lunch and he came in with roses and a card. After lunch a very large, yet cute and soft stuffed frog, was on the dashboard of the car.

I wonder if next year I can request the cute pig?

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Jamie said...

Go Matt!! That is so sweet. I guess I can't cry too much about getting nothing seeing how we are snow bound haha

Val, that's me said...

How sweet :):) That takes EFFORT to get something matching one whole year later! WTG, Matt!

Yes, Im with J. Nothin' here either. Thanks to Mother Nature!