Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Decorating

Today we hung window treatments for all the rooms except for the kitchen and eat-in-kitchen. The house definetely looks different with some color in each of the rooms. It makes it feel even more like "home".

But the kitchen ... I love natural light and big open windows. Matt likes to be able to shut himself off from the outside world and make sure people cannot see in the house. I can understand in the bedrooms and bathrooms, but it isn't like we ever walk naked through the kitchen areas. He wants to cover the windows. I want to leave them open. And we can't come to an agreement. I was thinking maybe roman shades would be a good compromise, but the size of the windows would require custom ordered shades. Matt would like blinds, but would settle for curtains that will close all the way.

What are your thoughts? Here is a picture of the windows. (ignore how dark the picture is) I would love some ideas.


Jamie said...

I say go roman and diy!!

Leesha said...

I love the open look also, but if Matt would go with the Roman shades that would look nice.

Good Luck!

Cerella said...

Definitely open!!! Roman shades would work and look very nice and give Matt the privacy that he needs whenever he wants it. :) Good luck!

Val, that's me said...

I agree with cerella!

Im like you with open. Neil and I are deciding on the front door to the house and we both like totally open glass front door. My mom thinks i'm crazy and that we should have it mostly closed with a window at top. Decisions, decisions, but I'm leaning towards what WE want. I think for you and Matt, you should win out or at least compromise with the roman shades. The only thing with Romans is that you will have to get them really long and that might be pricey. may have to be special ordered, but I dont know?