Friday, February 09, 2007

Purse versus "Man Bag"

I love purses. So last Saturday on our Illinois girls only shopping trip I had one goal in mind –– Find a new purse. We were at Macy's and we rushed to the sale rack first. I spot the perfect bag and grabbed it. It is a 100 percent leather, Tommy Hilfiger handbag, originally prices $70. I got it for a whopping, drumroll please... $12, including tax!!

It really is the perfect bag. It is stylish and big enough that I can fit my planner and a book in if I want. It has cute little inside pockets and the stylish ones on the outside. And it is real leather so I can beat the thing up as much as I want and it will just look even better.

Now this purse has sparked an interesting debate and comments.

Val - "I LOVE that! Find me one." (and after searching all the racks we were unable to find one, and me not being the nice person I am, saved it for myself)

Jamie - "That's not a purse. That's a man bag"

Mark - "I had a shower kit that looked just like that in the 80s"

Neil - "Yeah, it does slightly resemble a man bag"

Tina - "OMG where did you get that? That is awesome!" (first thing she said to me, seriously)

Matt - "Did you need a new purse?"

Emily - "Can I borrow that?"

So what do you think? Is it a purse? Or is it a man bag? (This is eerily sounding like a Friend's episode)

I tried to find pics online, but I couldn't. These really don't do it justice.


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Well, it does resemble an 80's shower kit. But I like it and I'd carry it.

Leesha said...

My first thought was it kinda looks like a really nice camera bag for my Digital Rebel. LOL

I think it's really cool and looks like it can hold a lot.

Great DEAL!

Val, that's me said...

Ok, I still love it. So if you are posting this because if you get enough negative feedback, you are going to give it away, I WANT IT! :) I love it. And the leather is GREAT! It's the kind of bag that, the older it gets, the more it gets worn, and the BETTER it looks. That's the best kind of leather.

Now do I get it or what!? lmao

Alexis Jacobs said...

Sorry Val. I am not giving up my man bag. I love it. :-) Better luck next time. FYI, get in front of me when shopping at Macy's next time. HAHA

Jamie said...

OK I told you its cute in a man bag sort of way hahahaha and hey don't take Fashion Advice from me.... I just bought long underwear for crying out loud haha
and can't believe that the spandex bike shorts are comming back.