Monday, March 05, 2007

And He's Off

Matt is traveling... again. This week he is in Peoria until Friday night. So here I sit in my PJs, with a bowl of cereal, a diet Dr. Pepper and making my "To-do list While Matt is Away."

So what's on tap this time?
  • File the taxes. (Val, remind me to tell you about the disk I sent you and what I need done with it)
  • Get two 1st drafts for work to my boss.
  • Organize my magazines. I have a ton of magazines piled up (see picture) that I want to rip out pages and put in a binder for ideas, recipes and special stories.

  • Organize all my picture frames (This was on the list last time Matt was gone, but I never got to it)
  • Burn all photos to a CD and organize files on my computer.
  • Organize bookshelves. (Again an item I never got to last time)
  • Reorganize my laundry room shelves. Matt is going to custom build some things for extra storage and I want to reorganize for some ideas.
  • Goto the library and check out landscaping books for some more ideas of what we want to do.
  • Locate dr's and dentists for all of us. (Yeah, just about 6 months late)
  • Work on web page copy for Val.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Buy 19 Minutes and read, read read!! I have been waiting for this book for a year and it's out Tuesday.

    Between my list and a few playgroups for Sam, a possible trip to the zoo, a MNO on Wednesday, plus our normal gymnastics practices and a meeting for the 5th grade Washington DC trip, time will fly before Matt comes home. At least until Monday when he is gone again.

    The joys of a traveling husband.


Jamie said...

Good luck on all the tasks. Maybe you should work on all other things and put off the book....... hehe so I have a chance to get it and read and finish before you!!

amanda said...

I'm looking thru the books on your shelf and think I have some of the same ones. Can't wait to look around more! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anissa said...

Good luck on all your tasks! I'm not sure if you knew but I live in East Peoria! So your hubby is over my way!