Sunday, April 29, 2007


The girls and I decided to make Matt a birthday cake rather than buy one. You know, a gift from the heart. So we put a white cake in the oven, made frosting (in multiple colors) and loaded my decorating gun in anticipation of doing a really cool cake. We were so excited.

Idiot me thought I could let the cake cool for a bit then flip it out of the pan to cool it the rest of the way. I flipped it too soon and this is what it looked like.

No biggie, right? I'll try to piece it back together with frosting and no one will be the wiser. Ummm not. So finally I decided to cut up the cake into pieces (what few parts needed cutting), add some strawberries and call it a birthday strawberry shortcake. We stuck candles in it and surprised Matt with what he says is definetely the most interesting "birthday goulash" he has ever seen.

I think next year we will go back to buying a cake.


Jamie said...

Alexis I love the cake. Aren't birthdays fab. You know one year Ashley and I was going to surprise Mark with some (store bought) cupcakes. We hid them in the oven. When Mark came home from work I started dinner....... and forgot the cupcakes were in the oven so as I preheated the oven for the dinner rolls guess what we smelled. Yes and that wasn't the worst part. Did you know that cupcakes in the plastic packaging can actually burst into flames?? Good to know!

it's me, Val said...

Good times. And so funny. Only would happen to you, Alexis, the best cook I know! :)

And funny story of yours, Jamie! These are things we'll remember forever . . . the things that make us smile in life :)

it's me, Val said...

PS. Happy Birthday, Matt! Was also Michelle's b-day! :)

Leesha said...

OMGosh I'm rolling! That is so funny but look @ the memories!! I'm sure the girls will always remember Daddy's "B-day Goulash".

mama2dibs said...

Definitely from the heart! He'll never forget this one. Tee hee!

AnnaLiza said...

what a perfect result from crumbles! i like that!! thanks!