Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Webkinz Craze

Meet the Cabbage Patch Doll of 2007. (enter rolleyes here)

Back in January Emily begged us for a Webkinz for her birthday. I didn't understand the concept of buying a stuffed animal just to get some code to be able to own your own pet and home online. But hey it was $13, so cheaper than anything else a normal kid wants for their birthday. So we got Emily this cute stuffed monkey and now she owns a virtual house where her monkey lives. She can play games to earn money to buy things for her monkey and the house. She also can "talk" with other Webkinz owners.

In some ways it is pretty cool (the monkey will actually use the toilet and wash its hands haha) but overall I don't understand the big fascination with them. So now Chris and Sam both want one for their birthday in May and June. No biggie, right? Wrong. These silly creatures have taken the nation by storm and are sold out –– everywhere. If you go to stores that carry them (usually Hallmark type stores) you will find signs all over saying they are sold out. I spoke with a store owner today and it appears the demand is so high the company is trying to find more places (AKA China) to make these toys. Until then expect no more shipments until late May or June.

I wish I would have bought three back in January. But I am not that smart. I may be hitting ebay if the stores do not carry them soon. So if anyone locates these creatures, please please please let me know. I would love to make Chris and Sam's day by having them for their birthday's.


it's me, Val said...

I will be on the lookout even tho I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about! lol!!

Hey, check out Michelle's blog. She's running a 5k and it made me think of you :)

Deborah said...

Alexis...I pass a store every day that has a sign that says "we have Webkinz"...I had no idea what that was until now. I'll stop in this week and see if they actually have them in-stock and let you know.

Anonymous said...

My kids each have 3, and I just paid $23 on ebay for one for my niece, and $26 for a friend's daughter... Totally worth it, though- there was a huge selection and I got them both in less than 5 days.

Nancy said...

My kids have three each. They caught the bug, thanks to me, in February. I went to buy one as a birthday gift last Saturday and the store was sold out. I know of one other place that might have them. I'll check tomorrow.