Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Sami had a big experience on Saturday –– she got her ears pierced! Sami and I did a road trip with Shannon and David to Indianapolis, Indiana for her cousin's wedding. While they were at the wedding Jamie and the girls drove over for a visit. On a whim we asked Hannah and Sami if they wanted to get their ears pierced and shockingly they said yes! So off to Claire's we went.

Sami and Hannah with naked ears.
Sami looking at herself trying to figure what exactly she will look like with earrings.
Hannah went first. And guess what. No tears! What a big girl!
I'm not really sure about this mom!
Another big girl! No tears! Needless to say I was shocked. (Even though she did whisper in my ear that it hurt)
See my pretty earrings?
The newly pierced girls!


Jamie said...

I am so glad that they did so good. Hannah goes up to people and makes sure her hair it tucked back and just turns her head side to side untill someone asks me whats wrong with her lmbo!! It will be something they will remember forever!!

SuperMom said...

What a brave girl!

GymMom34 said...

What a big girl!! She is growing up so much and I can't believe how much she looks like Emily.