Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Chris

Eight years ago, at 7:58 pm, my son was born. I can still remember DH running around yelling "I have a son!" Where has the time gone? He is my little man and always will be, no matter how old he is.

I love you Chris. Happy birthday!

What a cute little ringer bearer in April 2002.
Chris at t-ball in Summer 2004.
Chris on his first day of Kindergarten in August 2004.
Chris on his 7th birthday last year.
Chris at breakfast this morning.


Jamie said...

Alexis sniff sniff..... looking at those pictures make me so sad. He is growing up to be a young man. Not the little boy who hated comming over because I had no little boys but loved loved picking on all the girls!!

Jamie said...

OOPS haha Happy Late Birthday Chris!!

it's me, Val said...

Another sad one here too :( I knew that little boy up above . . . not the young man :(

Happy Birthday, C!