Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Over my sleepless years I have become addicted to infomercials. At 3 am, there isn't much to watch except for Girls Gone Wild trash, Soap Net, Nick at Night (which strangely seems to be on a Fresh Prince overload lately) and infomercials.

It is amazing the stuff people try to sell –– Ephedra, mops that do not require wringing out, Proactive, Urine Gone, can openers, pens and of course the famous magic bullet. Now I have never bought any of the items, but I have come close with the magic bullet. Who doesn't want to be able to chop onions or mix a smoothie with one easy to clean piece of kitchen equipment??

There is a whole website devoted to "As seen on TV" products. (www.asseenontv.com) Check it out. It is great for a good laugh and also for those things that make one go "hmmmmmm".

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