Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sectional Sofa - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

Matt has been chomping at the bit to buy a sectional sofa for our family room. I, however, am not totally sold on the idea. I am not sure if I like the idea of a sectional or not.

We have looked at them in the store and I found some nice looking ones at a home furniture website for comparison. They just seem to take up alot of space. Plus I feel like we would be sitting so close to each other. And if we did get one, are they better with the recliner or corner chase?

Thoughts? Do you have one? Do you regret your purchase?


emilyhope said...

I give the sectional sofa a thumbs down. I've just never liked them.

GymMom34 said...

We had one and I didn't like it because I like to rearrange my furniture too much. Also, we had the recliners at the end and eventually with the up and down motion, the metal started to give out.

SuperMom said...

I always think they look cozy and inviting in a more casual room, but I've never owned one so I don't know it they're practical or not.

Jamie said...

HMMM Tough one. I think that one would look good in say my living room because the tv area is seperate from the computer area so it would give it more of a two seperate area feel. But only because there isn't much options on moving furniture around. I also would love love love the chaise on the end......looks like the perfect reading spot kwim?? I am not a super fan of recliners we have one and I never use it..... but its just up to what you like. Plus if you got one with say the recliner, chaise and sofa sleeper, you would have everything you could ever need right?? haha.