Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend in the Hills

My SIL called me tonight and was talking about all the Jacobs' siblings and their families meeting somewhere in the mountains for a weekend. Since it wouldn't be until next spring we have plenty of time to look.

I love planning vacations. Yes, I am so anal that I practically plan what exit's we have to stop to pee at, but I love picking places to go and finding where to stay and what to do.

I stumbled upon really cool Pigeon Forge vacation rentals located in the Smokey Mountains. We were looking more towards West Virginia somewhere, but the Smokey Mountains just look so awesome I may have to suggest a switch in location.

So for now I will print this out and file it away in my "places to visit" file. What is one more place in the file, right? I would love to hear some of the places you suggest for visiting.


SuperMom said...

Well, I haven't set foot in the Smokey Mountains since I was ten years old, but I remember it being gorgeous and it's someplace I would like to get back to soon.

it's me, Val said...

There are so many rental cabins there. I've been to Pigeon Forge and it's gorgeous. very touristy, though. But gorgeous and lots for kids to do.