Monday, June 11, 2007

Family Getaway

Anyone want to guess where we spent this weekend? No it wasn't somewhere ultra cool like Hawaii or The Bahamas. Nope not Disney World, however it was family oriented. And no it wasn't any place with dancers or singers like Branson Missouri.

We went to Williamsburg, Virginia. I know, some of you probably are saying "Why in the world would you ever go there?" But I swear it is a really neat place and definitely a place you need more than two days to visit.

So over the next few days I will bore you to death with pictures and stories from our trip. After all Sam's first roller coaster ride, the kids dipping candles, a ferry ride, and a visit back to the 1700s are all things I just know you care to hear about.


it's me, Val said...

I would love to go there. I love love love history (Art history was my minor!). Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jamie said...

Well I for one can't wait to see and hear of all you did!!

Deborah said...

I love Williamsburg! Glad you enjoyed it.

mama2dibs said...

That sounds so fun! I wish that our house would sell (so we could afford to) and that Chris's work schedule would chill out (so we would have time to) so we could go on a fun family vacation. I did take my friends to see The Field of Dreams while they were here though. :)