Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are You Ready For Some ... TV!

The next few weeks marks the start of new fall programing. I am not as excited about the start of the new seasons and shows as when Friends was on, but I am still looking forward to all the up and coming programing.

I honestly didn't think I watched much television until I started going through each major channel's lineup pulling out what I want to watch. Thank goodness for DVR. It really has simplified what I watch. Now I can set the program and watch whenever I want.

So here is what is on my lineup.

8 pm Dancing with the Stars (ABC) - Starts Sept 24
9:30 pm Samantha Who (ABC) - Starts Oct. 3 New show

8 pm Beauty and the Geek (CW) - Starts Sept 18
10 pm SVU (NBC) - Starts Sept 25
10 pm Nip Tuck (FX) - Starts Oct 23

9 pm Gossip Girl (CW) - Starts Sept 19 New show

8 pm Survivor - (CBS) - Starts Sept 20
9 pm Greys Anatomy (ABC) - Starts Sept 27
10 pm Big Shots (ABC) - Starts Sept 25 New Show

9 pm Women's Murder Club (ABC) Starts Oct 12 New Show
9 pm Friday Night Lights (NBC) Starts Oct 5

Coming Back Soon
One Tree Hill (CW)
Lost (ABC - January)
American Idol (Fox -January)
October Road (ABC-January)
24 (Fox - January)
Farmer Wants a Wife (CW- January) New Show
Army Wives (Lifetime)

So what are you looking forward to? Are there shows that I should add to my line up? You know with DVR, the sky's the limit.


New Diva on the Blog said...

Can't wait for Dancing with the Stars. I admit it I'm hooked! You should try Boston Legal on Tuesdays, another favorite of mine!

lil ole' me..... said...

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE How I Met Your Mother on Mondays, CBS. Just caught a show called Rules of Engagement on CBS last night too. It was pretty funny. I'll tune in next week....
Um, what else? Like you, I am waiting for Grey's Anatomy and Lost! That is some quality tv!!!
I'm gonna have to check out the Samantha Who show.....

Sonya said...

I'm looking forward to Lost! Woo hoo! I love that show! Another favorite is House. It's new starting next Tuesday night at 9! I love The Closer but it just had a season finale. Not sure when it'll be back.

Jamie said...

Of course along with your good choices, we watch Prison Break (Fox monday nights) CSI (CBS thursdays 0nly like the original though..) and there were quite a few new ones I wanted to try out such as. Cashmere Mafia (abc tuesdays starting Dec 4) Back to you (fox wed) Kitchen Nighmares (fox wed) then Private Practice (abc wed) and Dirty Sexy Money (abc wed) Then on thursday Big Shot (abc ) and then on Friday Nashville (fox) then also sometime mid season I saw there will be Lipstick Nation so I will have to check that out too. Sounds like lots but I know few will make the cut.

Michelle said...

I too, look forward to How I Met Your Mother on Mondays! Tuesdays I will be watching Beauty and the Geek too! Can't wait for Lost to come back on Wednesdays, and actually liked Jericho(CBS) on Wednesdays too. I don't know it it's coming back or not though...I would be sad if it didnt! Of course, Grey's on Thursdays. I actually like to watch What Not To Wear (TLC) on Friday nights! I loved Army Wives and can't wait for more of that! I will also be waiting for October Road and Idol to come back on too! Oh, and the new show Greek, which was on ABC Family this summer was surprisingly good! I am not sure when it will be back on!

It is funny how you don't think you watch so much t.v until you start going through your weekly must-sees!

SuperMom said...

The only show I watch anymore is Shark on CBS. It used to be on Thursdays after Grey's but it might be on Sundays now. Grey's lost me last season and that's all I really watched anyway.

Annie said...

Oh program line up looks very similiar to mine. I noticed you skipped the Grey's spin off, I think I might be too. And October Road? I was afraid I was the only one watching!

lil ole' me..... said...

Oh, don't forget about Private Practice, the spin off from Grey's!!! That premeires soon...

Erin said...

Grey's Anatomy and yes, definitely Private Practice, I'm a HUGE CSI fan, so that's always a must. There were lots more, but I eventually had to cut some out of my evening programming because all I did every evening was watch tv or worry about taping the shows that night. Talk about running my life : )

Lisa M said...

Love reading your blog! Thank you so much for posting these show times. There was a couple I needed to setup on the DVR. Thanks!!!

mama2dibs said...

Oh man, you mean I've already missed an episode of Beauty and the Geek? Oh no, I want to watch the Biggest Loser too. What do I do now? I think I need to go get one of those DVR things. Wait, I "think" the vcr will do the same thing...I'll have to ask Chris.