Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Konnichi wa!

And Matt is back from Japan... thank goodness. Between the start of school, flying back for my Aunt's funeral, sports practices, meetings and everything else this was a rough time for him to be gone. Usually I am okay with the traveling but this trip was just mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. And he must have known that because he brought back some very cool gifts.

Isn't this little guy cute? It is solar powered and he moves his head back and forth as long as he is in some sort of light. Sam loves it!

I just love the packaging in Japan. Inside these are a fan and Japanese shirt for Emily.

Chris got an origami set and some mind teaser game. Of course Matt has tried to beat it not giving Chris much of a chance to figure it out.

My gift was the best. Of course I got chocolates.
It is just a known fact that Matt is to bring me back chocolate from where ever he is. I am afraid that someday he will bring me chocolate covered bugs or something.

After the chocolates he handed me a bag with this pretty box.

And inside the box was this pretty box.

And inside that was this:

I have no idea what the certificate that came with it says. Matt said he wanted to do something nice because he knew what a tough few weeks I have had. Just when I think of trading him in for a new model (just joking people) he does something as sweet as this. Guess I will keep him around after all.


Jennifer said...

very cool...I just love hubbies when they do stuff like this! Yes I agree he is a 'Keeper" cause hubbies like ours are not the Norm..what ever norm is..hehe

Deborah said...

what a sweetheart!

Jamie said...

What a good boy!!! If only his nice qualities would rub off on my model..........

it's me, Val said...

Awww, you deserved that, Alexis. I hope you feel a big weight off your shoulders now that he is back. You had a rough few weeks. You deserve the pampering you got with Sam. Kudos to Matt for doing good, again (he usually does pretty good!). And (((hugs))) to you for making it through. It's hard, I know. But you're a fighter AND a winner. xo