Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Wednesday Ramblings

  1. I just don't get the south. We are already on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow for a possible rain/sleet mix at rush hour. Even NC State is on a delay! Last year they called off school for this. It would require a blizzard to call off school when I lived in Illinois or Ohio. The kids just have to go to school tomorrow. They already have Friday and Monday off. I can't handle a 5-day weekend.
  2. Apple released an update for the ipod touch today. I am ecstatic. Now I can do email, maps and my to-do lists right from my ipod. I can't say again how much I LOVE my ipod touch.
  3. My best pal Val reminded me today that I still haven't gotten my shots and medicine for Matt's and my big trip to Thailand in 78 days. I would blow it off but if anyone would get bitten by a malaria ridden mosquito or wind up in the hospital needing a transfusion or come in contact with someone with hepatitis, typhoid fever or yellow fever it would be me. I am terrified of needles so I am not sure how I am going to do this. Not to mention I am over 5 years past due on my tetanus shot. Can you drink heavily before being vaccinated?
  4. Matthew McConaughey announced that he and his girlfriend (some model) are having a baby. I am contemplating wearing all black in mourning.
  5. It is official! Emily will be competing level 7 at the Hang 10 meet in Wilmington, NC on March 8 - 9. This is a huge deal for a gymnast. It means no more "required" routines. Now she gets to make up her own routines and pick her own music, as long as she includes the required skills. This is what she has been waiting for the past three years.
  6. Sam spent all night trying to tie her Melissa and Doug "shoe." I can't believe this will be the last time I get to teach one of my baby's how to tie a shoe. Or how to read. Or all those other "firsts". Is it wrong to not want her to learn all these things? Can time just slow down a bit? It is going by way too fast.
  7. We are going to take the plunge and buy an SLR digital camera. I **think** I have made a decision as to what to get, but I would love any advice/thoughts from fellow SLR owners. And then I will finally start using the Shutterfly coupons I get emailed all the time.
  8. Tax time is here. Whoo hooo! I think I am the only person that enjoys doing their taxes. Maybe that is because we never owe. At least not yet. (Hopefully I didn't speak too soon) I am hoping we get all our paperwork so I can start them in the next week or so.
  9. I have been doing an awesome job going to the gym. One of my goals for 2008 was to have a more consistent workout regimen. I have found a body toning class I love, started a good weight program and the gym has implemented private TVs on almost all its cardio equipment, instead of the TVs hanging from the wall. Now I can do the elliptical, read a book or watch reruns of Still Standing and listen to my ipod all at the same time. And afterwards I can hit the juice bar for an awesome pomegranate blueberry smoothie. What more could you ask for?
  10. Speaking of pomegranate... I am really digging it. Martinis, juice, anything. I think I may be becoming an addict.
  11. I have only gotten one book read this year. Yikes! I am not sure how I will reach my goal of 80 at this rate.
  12. American Idol... the past two nights have had me in stitches. This world is seriously full of weird people. But hey, so far there have been a few that I could get behind. It will be interesting once we get to Hollywood. Any other AI fans out there?


Jennifer said...

Hey Alexis thanks for visiting my new blog, hope to see you back again.

I'm a huge America Idol fan too and I feel the same way you do..some real weirdos!!!

They have called off school here too, for a dusting!!..but you know I was only thinking with 1/2 of a brain until you reminded me, OMG brain fart, these kids don't go back until Tuesday now. Thanks for the reminder..or maybe not;)

Glad to hear everything in your neck of the woods is going good. It's nice to know someone is still got life together, because after watching 10 minutes of the news this wonder if there is any good people left..what is wrong with this world? You know what I mean?

Have a great weekend:)

Sunny said...

Been reading your blog for a while and enjoying it. But, I have to comment on the whole living in the South and bad weather situation. I've lived here all my life, and I agree there are times when people overreact about weather. But, I'm guessing (and I admit I might be wrong about this) you probably got snow more than you got freezing rain and sleet in Illinois. It doesn't matter where you're from or how experienced of a driver you are, it's very difficult to drive on that. Plus, even if you know how to drive on it, other people don't. Ok, just had to put in my two cents' worth. Have a great day, and I hope the kids don't drive you too crazy over the long weekend.

lil ole' me..... said...

Ok, you've convinced me. I'm going to have to try pomegranate juice. Oprah had a recipe for a pomegranate martini, but that will have to wait until after baby comes! :)

And, I'm lovin' the AI auditions too! Yesterday at work we had "Let my people go" stuck in our heads and today we are all singing "You are my brother, best friend forever" :)

Spice said...

Go get those shots girl! Yay for Emily and gymnastics, that's awesome! I'm the same way with my youngest - I don't want him to grow up! And I love tax time too!!!!

it's me, Val said...

AI -- woohoo! Love it. Pomegranate, love it!!! And you said you decided on an SLR? Which?! You know I'm dying!!!!