Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Or in this case a watched phone never rings.

I have been keeping quiet on something pretty big the past few weeks. For those who are new to my blog, when I am not playing stay-at-home-mommy to my 3 kids I am a freelance writer/public relations consultant. I have been struggling the past few months with what I will do when my youngest starts kindy in the fall. Then out of nowhere this amazing opportunity came up.

So for the past two weeks I have been through two interviews and a writing/research assessment for a 15 - 20 hours per week marketing/pr project that has the potential to become practically full-time within the next 6 months. The biggest kicker of it all, the job is completely from home. Just like I am doing now. I will also still be able to keep and work with my existing clients.

I have been told that it has been narrowed down between myself and another woman. I received a call yesterday on my voice mail saying that the final assessments and recommendations have been given to the President and he will be making a decision today or tomorrow.

This would be perfect on so many levels.
  • It would allow me to not have to go find more clients because between this on-going project and the existing ones I would have plenty to do and still be able to have the flexibility to play SAHM to the kids.
  • It would be a steady income per week rather than the sporadic project work I do now.
  • It is totally flexible. I can do whatever I need to do to get my projects done. So basically it will be the exact same as what I do now.
  • The work sounds awesome. It would be exactly the same stuff I do now but for a completely different industry. Plus I would get to work with more web work than I do now.
  • The person I would be working with sounds awesome. And she works from home as well so she understands the issues that come up with trying to work from home (can we say my wireless router that keeps blinking out lately?). In fact everyone I have spoken with sounds pretty cool.
  • Timing wise I feel like this may be what I am supposed to do. I post about my dilemmas and this falls into my lap. A sign? Maybe... I sure hope so.
I wasn't going to say anything. I hate rejection and even more so I hate knowing that people know I have been rejected. But I have decided that I need all the good thoughts I can get.

So fingers crossed that I receive a good call today or tomorrow. If not, well then I guess it is back to figuring out what to do when Sam goes to kindy. (It would be to your benefit that I get a good call, otherwise there will be lots of beating a dead horse entries. LOL)


it's me, Val said...

I think it's a good sign that they took the time out to call you! I will keep my fingers crossed because it sounds so perfect for you. xo

Amy said...

I pray you will get this job! but oh, the agony of waiting....

Jamie said...

I am sure you will get it. You have been on a good luck roll in the work department lately. XX Crossing fingers for you till that phone rings again with good news

Curiosity Killer said...

Oooooh... the wait~! The suspense! Good luck!

I've been working at home as well, and there's nothing better than to manage your schedules and project. Good luck!

Aimee said...

I'll pray that you get the phone call! It sounds like an AWESOME opportunity!

mama2dibs said...

Good luck! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

Terri said...

sounds wonderful; good luck!

CDJ said...

Good luck! That sounds perfect!

ErinFiat said...

Good luck! I've got fingers crossed for you and hope you got the call already even. :)

Michelle said...

Oh it does sound like such a great opportunity for you!! Best of luck! :)