Thursday, May 15, 2008

And the winner of American Idol is...

David! Last night three became two as Syesha was voted off. I think next week's finale will be the best one ever. With these two guys I think we are in for some exciting competition. Both David's are extremely talented and have their own style. I know we will all be wondering what will they will do.

So which one am I pulling for? Five years ago I became a "Claymaniac". Now I have become a "Cookie".


Kimberley said...

This season is hard for me! I love them both, but in the end think Cookie is more marketable. Doesn't really matter since they both have record companies waiting in the wings! Have a happy day!

Becoming Me said...

Great post. I'm a cookie too! He really has an amazing voice. I think David A is an adorable guy with a beautiful voice as well, but I don't connect to him as much

Jennifer said...

I love David Cook myself...he like a Jeremy Camp rocker! I love Jeremy Camp and he sounds soooo much like him...and he has a certain sexiness about him....ok I'll stop

I do like the other David but I just like Cook more..he seem more polished to me

and did everyone know he's a strong christian?? We'll he is that whole family of his are strong christians which you don't see to much with rockers these days:)so that just thrills me to death even more


My sign....say no more

it's me, Val said...

Yes he is hot. I am a David fan, too. :)