Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Drive-By Post

Sorry I have been so in and out the past month. Between our Thailand trip, watching my neighbors 3 kids for 6 days, going to Myrtle Beach the last weekend of April, then to Ohio this past weekend and now getting ready for a trip to Illinois this Wednesday I have been a bit scatterbrained, swamped and well a bit overwhelmed.

After this weekend I should be back in action... I hope. Matt leaves Sunday for the start of 4 weeks of traveling so I will have lots of time on my hands.

I have uploaded some pics from the past few weekends (Sorry still not my Thailand pics–– soon I promise. ) I apologize for funky lighting in some of them. We really are not in need of an acne treatment.

The Myrtle Beach pictures are from two weekends ago with Matt's best friend and his wife (Matt & Kate). They flew in from Ohio and we went for for my Matt's 33rd birthday and Kate's 30th birthday. It was fun getting to see them without all our kids and just spending some relaxing time together.
Matt and I on our balcony at the condo.

The Ohio pictures are from this past weekend when Sami and I flew to see my new niece and for my nephew's 5th b-day party. My parents also drove to Columbus to meet Sami and I. We walked with them all around Ohio State's campus showing Sami where Matt and I went to school. Sami got to spend some fun time with all of her cousins (Matt's side of the family) and meet our newest cousin, Alissa.

Sami and Alissa.


it's me, Val said...

You didn't mention your visit to . . . D-town :c)

Alissa is so cute. Sami looks so grown up holding her. I love the pic of you and Matt. I would give anything to go AWAY without children. Still haven't done that. . . we hope for our 10-yr FINALLY!!!

Cant' wait to see you . . . off to buy the Clay album!! :c)

Aimee said...

Man - you have been BUSY!!! Great pictures, and Sami is such a cutie!

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