Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Next Chapter in Life

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. I have been busy with kindergarten orientation, preschool graduation and farewell picnic, an urgent care visit and, well, umm joining an online David Cook fan club.

Tuesday night we had kindergarten orientation. The first hour was supposed to be a pizza supper and then the next hour was a visit to the classrooms for the kids and a meeting for the parents. Everything was going well for the first 15 minutes until a tornado decided to come our way and we got to spend 20 minutes in the kitchen storage room. Imagine a group of soon to be kindy kids, stuffed into a dark storage room, in a strange school. Ummm yeah. But at the end of the evening all was well as we made our way home with a cool homemade hat, a nifty bag filled with goodies and a Lincoln Heights Elementary school t-shirt.
Sami before we left for orientation posing for the camera. (Why is she so adamant on putting her hands like that in every picture?)
My girls posing together.
All our goodies.

Wednesday night was preschool graduation. I had told myself this was my 3rd child to graduate preschool and come on it was only preschool. But when they put that little cap and gown on Sami my eyes started to water. And when she sang Jesus Loves Me I couldn't hold back the tears. And she even got a cute little diploma.

My graduate!
Sami getting her diploma.

Thursday morning was the farewell preschool picnic. It was so much fun watching Sami spend some last moments with her friends and with her teachers. It was for the whole preschool so the park was packed with little ones playing, jumping in the bounce houses, blowing bubbles and of course eating.

Sami and Miss Becky and Miss Sandi.
Sami on the playground. Isn't she so modest? Now if I could only get her in pants.

Our time at the picnic was cute short because we had to go pick up Chris from school. He just just finished his EOG (end of grade ) test and I had to take him to the urgent care for an x-ray. That morning he had tripped over a lego box in his room that I had many times told him to pick up. He fell into the foot board and broke his fall with his arm. His arm was all swollen and bruised. The Xray didn't show any big break, but the doctor couldn't rule out a hairline fracture. It was sprained and he had a muscle contusion, so we got this nifty sling. He can try using his arm on Monday and see how it feels. (Can I run off to a vegas hotels now?)

Chris refused to let me take his picture, so this camera phone picture will have to do.

It was such a bittersweet week. You can see more pictures here.


Michelle said...

Very cute pictures! The whole tornado deal...I can't imagine how crazy that was?!

And now that school is out, let the summer time fun begin! :)

Spice said...

Great pictures! Hope Chris's arm is better soon!

Tiff said...

So many milestones happening this year. My daughter graduates from elementary school!

You know one of us will eventualy hurt ourselves from toys left out. I know i have broken an number of toys by stepping on them. But (knock on wood) they have not broken me. . . yet.

Chel said...

Your kids' ages are pretty close to mine. I've got a 9-year-old boy about to be in fifth grade and a 4-year-old pre-k princess.

Hope the arm heals fast.

Allen's Darling said...

hi very nice blogs and you have lots of pictures too.