Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everything Photo and Cameras But Afraid To Ask?

My kick-butt best buddy Val is an amazing photographer. She has started a new session on her blog called Tuesday Tips where she will start offering advice and suggestions for people wanting to learn more about photos, cameras and maybe if we are lucky even digital editing.

I personally am ecstatic about this. So stop on over to her blog and let her know what you would like to learn more about. And then check back every Tuesday for advice that I know we could all use.


it's me, Val said...

"I personally am ecstatic about this" made me giggle because I KNOW it is true!! If people just knew how many emails I get from you about photography, they'd giggle, too! :) Thanks for the linkage. I can't take out as much time as I know it will take me to gather my thoughts and information to do these posts without knowing that I will have a following. Otherwise, why do it? So thank you. xo

DeeDee said...

Alexis, Go Bucks! Hope you have a great time this weekend..I am going to spend the day watching the game w/my mother. Now that we are living in Ohio, we can watch the games together instead of calling each other when a touchdown is made!!!

Is it ok to put your blog on my my blog? Just say the word!!! I do not like to add people to my blog unless I have their permission.

Joy, Debi

Kelsey said...

That is awesome!

IRENE said...

Hi!I'm back to add you to my sidebar, so I thought I'd stop and say "Hi".
Hi!, have a lovely weekend ahead.

~michelle pendergrass said...


Guess what I got????????