Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Little Bit of This and Some of That

  • We went back to Ohio this past weekend for a quick 3 day visit. I'll have a whole separate post on that but here are a few teasers.

  • One thing that is just not the same in the South as in the Midwest is the sweet corn. The season down here is much shorter and honestly the corn isn't as good. So while back in Ohio we bought almost 4 dozen of corn and spent last night cooking and freezing it.

  • We hosted a BBQ for Matt's team at work last Thursday. His boss's boss was in town from Japan so we offered to have the "gathering" here. It went very well, especially considering we had 25 people and kids here and Matt didn't let me have anything to do with the cooking or planning. As a thank you gift for hosting I was given a beautiful piece of handmade pottery brought from Kobe, Japan (this pic just doesn't do it justice). The wrapping paper was so cool that I had to keep that as well. I hinted to Matt that maybe he can get me a matching piece when he goes next month, but all I got was a look.

  • Last night, 32-year old, SAHM of 5 boys, Melissa Lawson won Nashville Star. I have to say it brought a smile to my face, even though I was rooting for Gabe Garcia. Regardless, I think both will do awesome. (Yes I am a reality TV junkie)
  • Speaking of reality TV, only 12 days...

  • For the first time ever we let Chris stay back in Ohio to spend some extra alone time with the grandparents. I know Chris was very excited to work on FILs farm and go to the movies and hang with my parents, without his sisters are parents hanging around. He will be riding back this way with Shannon on Sunday and I'll meet them somewhere to pick him up. I know he is having a blast, but the house seems so quiet without my boy around.
  • Sami mastered swimming alone yesterday at the pool. Matt took some vacation time and we spent the afternoon at the pool. Sami can't wait to show our neighbor Miss Keri her latest milestone when we go today. (Hey need to do something to keep us cool in this heat)
  • Life get going to get crazier before it gets calmer, with the start of school coming up, football starting, gymnastics practices, my work and Matt traveling. Good thing we also got 4 bottles of wine at the party last week.
  • Only 3 more days until the start of the Olympics. I cannot wait!
  • I have finally decided against Lasik surgery and am looking at a new service my eye doctor offers called GVSS. It was founded at Ohio State so it has to be good, right?
  • Still working on that patience thing. It's not going so good.


Deborah said...

sounds like your summer is going really well! Enjoy...

CDJ said...

I bet you and your girls are glued to the gymnastics events!!

And I thought of you last night. I was flipping channels and landed on the Teen Choice Awards just as your boy came out to present an award with the other David. That Archuletta kid is a dork, but David Cook? I'm beginning to see the appeal, girl! :-)

Alexis Jacobs said...

cdj~ Can I just say TWELVE days again!!!! Then I can drool in person rather than on my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

This was a very fun blog. My parents grew up in the south. I remember eating corn cut off the cob when frozen. Then fried. Love your pictures and your posts.
Thank you so much..
Oh yeah...Melissa. She was great, but then Gabe was also.


Carey said...

How long did you cook the corn for? I want to do this this week, and wasnt sure how long to cook it..i dont think you cool it all the way do you?

Michelle said...

I hear you on the corn thing too! We got some here and it just can't compare! :) Yay for Sami and the swimming! And, I'm sure Chris is having a blast on the farm...no better place to be in the summer! Oh, and the pottery is gorgeous!

mama2dibs said...

I think that's kind of funny. I left Ohio the day before you came. Hope your visit was as good as mine. :)