Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

For those that know me well you know that I am an anti-change person. So our decision to accept a job in Japan is probably very non-Alexis-like. Because change doesn't even begin to come close to mention just how much change it will be. So just why is this post titled "Thankful Tuesday?"

In just the past 3 weeks of accepting the overseas assignment I have been emailed or called by three wives of Caterpillar expats in Kobe, emailed by a friend of a friend who used to live in Tokyo, emailed back and forth several times with this awesome family, and have been invited to dinner with 4 families while we are in Kobe for our house hunting trip. We also have a full agenda already emailed to us for the week we are there, so there is nothing we have to do on our part but show up. The support that the other expats have already given us, and Caterpillar in general (they think of everything), is bound to make this exciting, yet terrifying and nerve racking transition so much easier.

So I am very very very thankful that God has placed these people in our lives. It makes me know that our decision to accept this assignment was the right one to make. I can already see how he is working in our lives not only here, but in Japan as well.


Keeper of The Chaos said...

I don't think of you as someone who doesn't like change! Look at the moved you made to NC?? That's even outside of my comfort zone.

This is going to be an experience your children will have with them forever. What an opportunity!!

Jill said...

Caterpillar does overseas assignments right. I know several people who have worked for Cat overseas, in Asia in particular, and they never had anything but good things to say about the experience, from the perspective of how the company handled things. Sounds like you're in good hands all around!

lil ole' me..... said...

So great that you already have people reaching out to you.
That will help make your move so much easier....

And, yeah, I don't know if you can call yourself a person who doesn't like change anymore..... :)