Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A bit of a story...

Last week I flew to Illinois for a quick trip to meet my new boss and to connect with the team I contract with before the move. The main purpose of the trip was to confirm and work out details that will keep me working part time while I am in Japan. Even though I didn't really have the time to go, it was well worth it.

So my quick trip to Illinois was not without drama. I mean come on. Alexis go somewhere and drama not happen? As much as I anticipate it, I did not think the drama will start right at the beginning of my trip.

My flight left at 6:30 am and connected through Atlanta. As I may have mentioned my laptop had been acting funny a few weeks prior and then stopped. The screen would fade or the computer would just shut off. So I had backed up my system (or so I thought) just in case. So while I saw sitting in Atlanta for a 3 hours layover my computer started flipping in and out of sleep mode. And then suddenly turned off. Then if I got it back on the battery would not charge and then turn off right away.

So there I was. In Atlanta, on my way to a huge meeting and my computer wasn't working. Oh and did I mention, I didn't pull any of the files I was going to need to a flash drive. And I definitely would NOT bring the external hard drive with me.

During this moment in time, my lovely husband called me to inform me that his blood work from a routine physical required by his company prior to our move came back showing that he was one Lonestar Steakhouse visit shy of a heart attack. That is right. My 33 year old husband has extremely high cholesterol. And of course right at that moment in time his chest started hurting. Yep. I was in the Atlanta airport, with a broken laptop, on the way to an important meeting and my husband was clutching his check back in NC. Needless to say I found myself having a beverage with a bite at 9:30am.

So off the plane I stepped and went right to a Best Buy who luckily was back in the Apple computer business. I needed to get a new laptop prior to going to Japan, so I just got it a few months early. Merry freaking Christmas Alexis.

Now let me stop and say that I love getting a new computer. I love running my hands across the keyboard and looking into the shiny screen. I can't wait to see the set up assistant dance across my screen. However this situation denied me any of that joy. Luckily the people I met with at work were understanding and managed to find all but one of the files I needed for the meeting.

But alas! This wasn't the only drama of the trip. Even though I could have carried all my belongings on the plane in a Trader Joes sack (not that I would have done that) I packed one of my super huge new suitcases in anticipation of my hand me downs for Sami from Jamie and of course any shopping goodies I may have found. The suitcase was empty on my way there.

We really didn't have much time to hit the stores, but we managed to find a few good deals and some resale shops. My main goal for myself was to find some "dressier" type shirts and some killer shoes. My flips just won't cut it in Japan. I managed to find 3 pairs, two with ankle breaking heels. Somehow my empty suitcase became packed with clothes, shoes and books that I had lent to Jamie.

We were running late to the airport so I was rushed to check in and make sure my bag made it back to NC. Now let me remind you that at this point I am now carrying my laptop backpack, the box to my new laptop with my old broken down laptop in it and my huge suitcase (I had shoved my purse in the suitcase so I would have one less thing to carry). I rush to check in, throw up my bag and reach for my ID.

Just then the ever so pleasant lady informs me that my bag was 10 pounds overweight and she doubts would make the dimensions limit either. I could either pay $50 or take some stuff out. So I ripped open the suitcase, pull out the purse stick the books Jamie returned inside, switch off my shoes and grab one of the killer ankle heel shoes and stick the suitcase back on the scale. Nope. Still 1 pound and 1 inch over. One. Freaking. Pound. Regardless that the flight was barely 1/2 full, if they make an exception for my 1 pound than they need to make an exception to all the luggage (or so the pleasant check-in lady told me with a smile). I ripped back open the bag, pull out a few more items, stick them in my backpack and cross my fingers. Still half inch over. By this time I am ready to wring the lady's neck with her tape measure. You would think I was begging her to stick exercise equipment on the plane or something. I take the bag, smash it up against the scale and tell her to measure it. Finally it passes.

I run down the airport with no shoes on, carrying the killer ankle heels, backpack on and laptop box in hand. The security guys were laughing so hard at me as I ran up to them. I get through security, just as they were getting ready to board. Needless to say I got one of the non-free plane beverages for my choice.

But hey. On a good note. My laptop was fixable, for only $104, and all my information was intact. Miracles do happen.


Terri said...

wow, you poor thing. I hate trips like that. But you must look at the what ifs...what if they lost your new suitcase with all the goodies in it? ha, that would have been tragic. So all's well that ends well! :o)

Terri said...

oh and I hope hubby gets his cholesteral down, as long as he avoids the fried stuff over in Japan he should be okay, they have pretty healthy choices in food I think.

Deborah said...

ugh, what a trip! glad you and all of your things made it home in one piece.

Hope Matt gets in cholesterol under control!

Tiff said...

OMG!! Alexis! WOW what a stressfull trip! I hope you can relax now that you are home!

Ang said...

You are such a good writer!!! I could visualize all of that happening!!! too funny!

Johanna said...

a lot of drama indeed-- but a great story! :)

DeeDee said...

So I hope that your husband is ok...I kept waiting to read that you go another call from him and that he was ok w/the pain....whew! My reflux/hyatial hernia would of been really acting up if I was u at that point...but instead of a stiff one, I would be chucking down tons of prilosec!!!

Good news in Japan, most things are fresh, not fried...unless you eat a fried baby octopus...those r good!!! (not joking, I love'em , u just have to get past the tenticles- like seriously close your eyes and eat it!

Joy, DeeDee

LL said...

I know I'm really late in on the take here, but ... WHAT????

Why the move to Japan? Your job or his? How long?

(I know I have no right to be asking so many questions seeing as I haven't been around and keeping up, but suddenly I'm dying to know the scoop!!)

LL said...

I TOTALLY have days like that... who am I kidding - weeks, months!

People laugh and think it's hilarious - which it is, in a sadistic kind of a way, but it's also very surreal to live this way!

I'd be right there with you on the beverage with a bite at 9:30 am...


it's me, Val said...

What a fun story...with a happy ending with a new computer...and you forgot to mention that you saw Val, again. :)