Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Peek into Matt's World

Tuesday Matt became a legal alien of Japan, got his re-entry permit, opened up a bank account and picked out his cell phone. I guess he is official now.

Everyone in Japan has data packages on their cell phones. Internet and texting all the time. (You aren't allowed to talk on the hone on the train, so this may be why) Some phones even get television on them. Electronics just seem so much more advance over there. So Matt picked out an iphone and seems to have had no problem figuring out how it works. I am just hoping the newness wears off before I get there as I think he may be in love with it more than me.

He sent us a few pictures of the house with the rental furniture and also sent Emily a picture of the train at 6am on his way to work. Everything seems to start late in Japan, probably since they are out until late hours working (it is not unusual to see people getting in the train at 9pm or 10 pm with briefcases and suits) so the few people on the train look like they are sleeping.

His air shipment arrived yesterday, so now he has some of the food we shipped over, a small TV for our bedroom, his bike, his clothes, a bunch of medicine, 36 rolls of toilet paper, and enough tampons to last 3 years. I am trying not to think about where he is putting these things, as I know I will redo everything once I am there.

So from Matt's view... a bit of his first week in Japan.

The train at 6 am.
The rental kitchen table. I bet Matt's knees hit when sitting there. He complains how nothing is built for a 6-ft 2-in man.

Rental furniture in the living room. Matt has been sleeping on the couch as he says the floor would be softer than the bed .

The bed in our bedroom. The kids bedroom furniture will come in January. I really like the cover in here. I wonder if we could somehow forget to return it.


DeeDee said...

Alexis...soon and very soon that house will be made into a home...
Don't even know ya well but think I am gonna miss ya.

Joy, DeeDee

Carey said...

Looks like a spacious place.

Aimee said...

What a scary/exciting time! How fun that house will be will the squeels of children in it! :) When are you going there again?

Colleen said...

Glad to hear Matt is settling in nicely. About the height thing, both Mark and I were always feeling like giants there! OMG, the cell phones were so neat over there...I kept mine, the kids play with

I forgot to mention to the spring when you are there-you have to take a trip to Kyoto. I dont think its too far from where you will be. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom its amazing! I had to cancel my trip because Meggie was sick, but I went to Kamakura instead (it was closer to me)

I will post some pics on my blog in the next few days of how beautiful it is in cherry blosson season.

Its going to be different, but you are going to enjoy it. :)

Lisa said...

Sheesh, that table looks small for even some in the 5ft range.

You've been boo'ed!! Come to blog to see what the heck I am talking about. :)

nada said...

Alexis, i love reading these updates. I can't even fathom how exiting this all is. Is Matt lonely? I hope the days fly by until you are all together again. The place looks great, but I can't wait until you are there posting pics when you make it "your" home.

nada said...

or even exCiting, lol.