Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Scramblings

So I am not blogging about big Buckeye games anymore. I think my blog is jinxed. But I have to say that the Buckeyes played a good game and I am still proud to be a Buckeye this am. Those boys have nothing to hang their heads about.

This is our first weekend without Matt here. So far it still has the "daddy is on a business trip" feel to it. Matt travels so much, especially from January to July (which won't be even half that in Japan, woot!), that we are used to fending for ourselves. Once we hit about 10 days I am sure reality will start sinking in.

Friday night after Emily's practice the kids all stayed for a 3 hour open gym. I used that time for myself (Just like a orovo user treating herself for the night). Went to dinner (and not fast food), got my toes painted (it was the best pedicure I have ever gotten) and treated myself to Starbucks (note to self: No more lattes at 8 pm). I figure there won't be many more opportunities for myself in the next few months so I took advantage of it. Then somehow I wound up with 4 extra kids (I deserve mother of the year) for the night, bring me to a total of 7 kids. I was totally outnumbered.

Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping. Matt would die if he saw how much I bought considering I am supposed to be thinning out my never ending food supply around here. (Note to self: Look into finding food shopping addict help group) We then had Chris's football game, where they put another line in the win column, remaining undefeated for the season. Afterwards we went to dinner with our neighbors to a Japanese Steakhouse that opened here in town. The owners are actually from Tokyo so I was able to practice some of my Japanese with them. My teacher would be so proud. Then of course we had the game.

Today I am using the morning to get our house back in order. Trying to get everything ready for Matt over the past few weeks has turned my usually organized house into a land of chaos. I just need to figure out where to start. This afternoon the kids have their Japanese lesson and then mine follows that.

Over the course of the next few weeks I need to start going through drawers and closets weeding out what we will take with us and what we will put in storage. It is easy deciding furniture and such, but the small things, not so much. One of Emily's teachers had been overseas in Germany for 4 years. She told me that it was funny to get their storage back after that time and see what they had put in there.

So there you have it. Our boring weekend in a nutshell. And you will hear no complaints from me. Of course if my children do not stop slamming doors and chasing each other screaming how horrible each other are I may have to start blogging from prison (note to self: Check into Internet access availability in jail).

On a side note I have a few friends that I would love to have some extra thoughts for. First, our good friend Kate's (her DH is Matt's BFF) dad was diagnosed with lung cancer on Wednesday. Jim is an awesome man and I ache for the family. Then my extra special friend Jamie was rushed to the ER and had emergency surgery yesterday morning to remove her gall bladder. During the surgery they found some issues with her bowels and she is having another surgery this am to correct that. All of this came out of the blue and is so strange considering I was just there 2 weeks ago. Finally, my ultra-talented kick butt friend Val is having surgery on Thursday. When it rains it pours, huh? So many things going on and I hate not being there for any of them. I just hope they know that they are never far from my thoughts.


mama2dibs said...

I'm glad the first weekend went well. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. What an adventure this will be!

Alexis Jacobs said...


DeeDee said...

I am sure your friends know that you wish to be near them in the worst way...but they understand and can feel your prayers.

You are SO right about our Buckeyes...Penn State usually gets 45 bpts per game so we held them to 13!!! GO BUCKS! Pryor made a bad call to throw that ball when there was time to run it out of bounds, but he's only 18...JUST IMAGINE NEXT YEAR!!!!

Of course it sounds like u and I bleed scarley/ glad to know that you are not a 'fair weather buckeye'!!!

Just a quick note...your kids sound SO VERY normal!!!! I can remember those days deciding if it would be worth going to jai over. (teehee)

Joy, DeeDee