Thursday, November 06, 2008

Congrats Angier Bulldogs

Tonight our son's team became the Harnett County/Lee County Pee Wee Football Runner-Ups. It was 0 - 0 score until the 4th quarter, when the Lee County team scored twice. We fought a hard battle, but in the end the Angier Bulldogs lost 12 - 0. It was even more sad, considering we haven't lost a game all year.

I still haven't managed to figure out action shots or night shooting with my camera, so my pictures are crappy. But here are a few shots of the team and Chris getting his trophy. My action shots are so blurry they look like I took them from a rc helicopter.

What a bittersweet night. My favorite sport to watch and I won't get to see my son (or anyone) play for 3 years, as American football is not played in Japan.

Congrats Bulldogs!!


Spice said...

Great pictures!!! They should be so proud they got that far!!!! Way to go!!!!

Ang said...

Oh those are adorable!!! so glad you got those memories on film!!

Terri said...

awesome! you know I would probably go into withdrawals if I couldn't see my kids participate in sports. I'd hate to even consider what they would feel like! Two of them are so attached to soccer, then again soccer is even bigger in other countries than here. You just might become a soccer mom! :o)

Michelle said...

No football...what will you do?! ;)

Congrats on a great season, even if it didn't end quite they way they had hoped.