Wednesday, November 12, 2008

She may need what?

Today Samantha and Chris had their physicals for the move. Here is a run down of how they went.
  1. Drag kids to the car. They think mom is secretly taking them to the mean lady who will inject more Japanese Encephalitis or hepatitis vaccine into them.
  2. Sit in waiting room for a surprisingly short amount of time.
  3. First up, eye exams. Chris passes with flying colors. Sami however does not. We get to meet a Pediatric Ophthalmologist next Wednesday to find out if Sam really has 20/50 vision and needs glasses.
  4. Both kids hop on the scale for weight and height. Chris is very quickly going to pass Emily in the weight department. Sami is going to be labeled as Miss Jolly Green Giant and may have a future career in basketball. She is at 90 percent for height. Yikes.
  5. Doctor comes into room. About falls out of chair when learning about the move.
  6. Doctor lectures children on behaving for mom and importance of not fighting with each other. (All while kids poke each other)
  7. Doctor performs exams. Confirms Sam is a girl and Chris is a boy and then launches into puberty in boys, which makes mom quickly goes to her happy place dreaming of wholesale fashion jewelry and pays no attention.
  8. Doctor gives instructions on how to pee in a cup. Kids think it is funny. Mom does not find it funny as she prays her 5 year old hits the cup and not her mom's hands.
  9. Both kids giggle and compare pee cups as they turn in samples.
  10. Mom quickly exits and retreats back to her happy place as she thinks about a physical exam for an almost 13 year old girl on Thursday.


Louise said...

Ohhh that is too funny...I can totally see how kids would think peeing in a cup is funny and so thankful for your sake it ended up in the cup!!! LOL
What an adventure and this is only the beginning for you...yikers!
Thinking of you ;)

it's me, Val said...

Oh no. Good luck Thurs. I remember very fondly my 13-year appt. Ugh.

I can't believe glasses. She'd look way adorable, though!!

Noah and Maia had their appts Tues, too! Noah is at 75% which is amazing since he's so small, really, and always has been.

Michelle said...


Good luck on Thursday, well, today, I guess! ;)

Ang said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny. Just the other day I was trying to convince my almost 18 year old daughter that we needed to get a 'really big girl'check up and she just basically looked at me like I had a 3rd eyeball when I explained to her what the doctor would do, she politely told me she'll just wait until a month before she is married.........sigh....