Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Grand Arrival

48 days ago

I miss my bed. Futons, air mattresses, hotel beds and rental beds just are not the same. I miss my books. Okay, I haven't really been reading but just being able to see all my books has a strange calming effect. I miss my kitchen stuff. One is really limited to what they can do with a few pans, a few bowls and no baking pans. I think Matt is excited about the bed even more than I am. Plus his toolbox full of tools, nuts, bolts and spring plungers that will not have any use over here. (such a man)

Tomorrow, as of 2 pm Japan time, our stuff is supposed to be delivered. They will unload what they can and then will finish Tuesday. We almost had a hold up at customs (just for your future reference, apparently 17 boxes marked food tends to red flag custom officials -- oops) but they managed to get it worked out. Otherwise it could have been weeks.

I cannot wait to take our stuff and really start making this a home. Not just any home, but our home.


Shannon said...

I can't even imagine what it's like to move and change everything you know. I admire you.

Becki said...

I am hoping you were able to have your things arrive. I bet it will be so calming to have the things that make home feel complete for you. :)

Kimmber said...

That will probably be the happiest unpacking you will ever do!

Ang said...

OH how exciting does all that look? Wow!!!!!! I am so happy for you all. Please post pictures once you get everything set up in your new 'home'.