Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kobe Oji Zoo

Last Saturday Matt and I took the kids to the Kobe Oji Zoo. The weather was fantastic and it was the first place that we have been to that has not been wall to wall people.

We were surprised at how big the zoo was considering the lack of land available in Japan. It had many of the animals we see back at zoos in the states, plus some others specific to Asia. We loved the panda bears. We all loved the zoo (even Matt) and plan on going back this April when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

Matt & I outside the zoo.
The kids posing for a picture outside of the zoo gates.
Some decor outside of the zoo.

Waterfall in the petting zoo.
The kids and a goat. Baaaa...
I love, love, love the pandas. They have two of them plus a brand new baby. Hopefully they will have the baby on exhibit soon.
There had to be at least 8 koala's inside the koala house.
The koala's were huge. I have seen them at zoo's in the states, however they were never this big. They looked so cute we wished we could cuddle them.

Sami, the iguana.
The seals came right up to us at the windows and if you "scratched" them through the window they would rub up against the window and turn circles.
The polar bear was pretty cool too.
The kids liked the elephants too.
We got some noodles from a stand inside the zoo.
There is even an amusement park inside the zoo.
Kids can slide down a long slide to get into the amusement area from the zoo.

We had to hurry past the kangaroo area quickly. If you look behind this kangaroo you will see a partial view of some "kangaroo loving". Yes, they were having sex, while the other kangaroo standing there watched.

Some funky little monkeys. 


Louise said...

Sounds like a great day!!
Too funny about the kangaroos!
A few years ago while I was at a preschool visit to a farm there were two gigantic horses 'doing the same thing' and try to get the kids to look away..ahh yeah!
Great pics ;)

Carey said...

Cool pix. Your funky monkeys are ringtailed lemurs. like in madagascar. we have them at our zoo.

Carissa said...

I got to cuddle a koala while we were living in Australia. It was very short and only while they took a picture (there's a lot of rules they must follow when allowing visitors to hold them). It was neat, but they stink like pee!

Shannon said...

I love zoos and I'm so glad you are having fun in Japan. It's been fun reading your blog since your move.

DeeDee said...

Love the zoo pics too! Evidentally, everyone has a zoo 'love' story to tell...mine was at the Ft Worth Zoo (another great zoo to visit) it was the chimp, thankfully our daughters were standing in front of the cage as I took the picture...just as I took the pic these 2 love birds got quickly involved...we quickly left!

So glad your journey there is going well. I know your family misses you all. But this blog sure helps the distance.

Joy for your day! DeeDee

Ang said...

OH how cool does all that look?...I am so glad you all are getting out and enjoying the sights..Thanks for sharing!!

Terri said...

excellent pictures. I love the pandas too, they are just the cutest animals. the baby, I bet, will be adorable.

Heather said...

Hey Val sent me a link to your blog! I enjoyed the zoo pics! Of course, I really, really enjoy going to zoos, so that really isn't too big of a surprise!
As far as animals getting it on...I would have too many stories to tell!!

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