Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Haircut in Japan

I got my hair done right before we left the states, but for some reason my hair is growing crazy over here so I was overdue for a cut & color. There has been three places in all of Kobe that have been recommended by other expats. I like my neighbor's hair so I opted to try Billy's.

She had warned me that it was a bit "edgy" but that was why she liked him. His "studio" is on the 4th floor, so when I reached the 3rd floor and saw this I almost turned around.

But I decided that I really needed a cut & color so I would press on. Then I got to the front door.

I once again thought that maybe I should turn around. But instead I walked in and was greeted to some loud country music, which happened to be a channel out of North Carolina! (Got to love Internet radio) I considered it a sign that everything would be okay.

His studio is a bit different and edgy. But then so is "Billy". (His real name is Yasu but we just call him Billy). You can see a picture of him on the staff page here. I have never had my hair cut by a man in tattoos and that looks like he just hopped off a Harley, but I loved him. He trained in London so he has experience with Gaijin hair.

He did a great job. And if you are ever in the neighborhood (AKA, come visit me!), I highly recommend "Billy".

The back

The Front


Terri said...

your hair looks great and sounds like it was a good experience. And visit? really? would love to! :o)

Carey said...

Your hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha love it- who's drinking that wine there? Celebratory glass?

lil ole' me..... said...

Your hair does look really good. So shiny.

Yeah, I would have been a bit nervous walking in too.... but looks like everything went great!!!

DeeDee said...

It's alwasy nerve racking going for a first cut w/a new person in a new town...yet I am so proud of you girl! You met the fear straight on and found victory in a great cut.

I love for a guy to cut my hair, they seem to take more time for perfection.

Who would of thunk it, go to Japan and get your hair cut by a country/western Japanese his name Billy-Bob? Or Maybe Bubba will do.

TEEHEE! Enjoy your day!

Ang said...

OH my goodness it looks great!!!! You even look happy with it..which is a good sign..haha You may have inspired me....:)

Michelle said...

Looks awesome!! :)

Louise said...

Your hair looks awesome!
When you posted those pics on FB I could not believe my eyes, definitely and interesting salon ;)