Saturday, May 02, 2009

Football anyone?

One thing we knew we were going to miss when we moved to Japan was good old "American football". We are huge football fans, particularly college football. (Go Buckeyes!) "Football" in most countries is what us American's would call "soccer". And while soccer is okay, football is what we really love.

So imagine my surprise when my mom told me that she thinks a Japanese football team was coming to play a tournament in the US. I thought she had to be wrong. Japanese playing football? But after some time on Google I found out she was right. But to my even bigger surprise and delight I also located a college football team, not only in Kobe, but just TWO train stops from our house.

Japanese "American" football has a spring and fall season. The Kobe University Ravens are playing a game at home on Tuesday and we are trying to figure out how to buy tickets. (the kids and Matt are off for Golden Week) It appears we can buy them online, however since the site is in Japanese we are really not completely sure. (Anyone here read Japanese? ha ha)

I am excited. I mean really excited. I told Matt I may even have to check out the shop and get us some Ravens gameday gear. They have everything, even pet supplies.

Go Ravens Go!


Ang said...

Oh wow how cool is that?

Jill said...

How fun!! what a great way to get your fix while you're there!! Will you be up in the middle of the night at a local bar watching Buckeye football when fall comes around? I hear that's the practice for ex-pat sports fans and that many bars support the American sports habits with satellite tV that way.

Patti said...

That is so cool! I just crack up laughing when I think of Japanese football players! :o