Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Words Across Cultures

As you could guess, the iphone is pretty popular in Japan. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this application called i-fukkin.

Apparently the work fukkin in Japanese when used as a noun means "abdominal muscles" and when used as a verb it means "to do sit ups". This handy application counts your sit ups, yells koraa! yasumuna! when you stop (means Hey! Don't rest!) and has a cute little Japanese cheerleader to encourage you as you go along. Who needs fitness equipment when you have i-fukkin!

I think the developers of i-fukkin should have researched the name a wee bit more before they decided to call the application i-fukkin. While the application is neat, I think the name may imply much more fun than it really is.

Here is a short, but funny, demonstration.


Terri said...

oh that's hilarious! but don't you find a lot of un-thought out english translations? :o)

Anonymous said...

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