Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Cruising Around" Harborland

Today I went on a boat cruise around Harborland with 97 other ladies (okay 96 plus Mary Gail's FIL) and then to lunch at a Brazilian Steakhouse. It was decent weather (although I would have preferred more sun) and good company.

It was pretty exciting to ride on this boat. It is the boat reserved for important figure heads when they come to visit Kobe and is not open to the public. To think, I may have been in the exact same seat that Mikhail Gorbachev sat in.

People from both CHIC and KWC were given the chance to "cruise around" the harbor for an hour.

During the cruise a guide was pointing out all the landmarks and important historical places around the harbor. I chose to take pictures off the deck though and have no clue what she was saying.

The inside of the boat was pretty neat. There was a long table surrounded with swivel chairs (for those important people meetings I guess) and then leather chairs sporadically throughout the boat.

After the cruise we went to a Brazilian restaurant where people walk around and feed you meat off of skewers until you explode. I opted for an all-beef lunch.

There was also a "buffet" with some other foods and the chance to make yourself a salad (something rare in Japan).

The food overall was pretty good, although I think some of us are more interested in the ¥1575 ($16.00) all you can drink for 90 minutes plan for the next time. Who needs all-you-can-eat when you can drink for the same price, right?

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