Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's How Much?

We have officially had our first medical experience in Japan. I had to take Christopher to the doctor because he had a horrible cough that was just getting worse and he seemed to be sucking on an inhaler about every hour.

Here is a synopsis of our dr visit
Left the house at 4:05.
Arrived at dr office: 4:20
Saw dr: 4:27
Paid bill and left with 4 medicines (not a prescription but medicine in hand): 4:50
Arrived home: 5:10

Diagnosis: Bronchitis

Total cost: ¥5,000 ($55.86)

Yes you saw that right. All this:

For a mere $55.86. (and we don't even have any Japanese cheap health insurance) And it only took an hour... amazing.


Jennifer said...

hey you may never want to leave Japan by the time it's all said and done..lol

Susan said...

That's the same thing in Abu Dhabi. When I hurt my eye I was in and out with 2 prescriptions AND downstairs getting a chocolate shake at Baskin Robbins in an hour and it was all under US $100.