Thursday, December 03, 2009

... And a Condom for All

The size of a man's penis will no longer be a secret if you are living in Thailand, with the launch of the Public Health Ministry's "Condom for All" campaign. A spike in the number of HIV cases in men has caused the government to take action on trying educate and help raise awareness on properly protecting oneself.

Under this program, a disposable paper measuring tape will tell guys which size condom will give them the best comfort and protection. The measuring tape records widths of between 49 and 56 millimetres - covering the "Thai penis size standard".

The thought process is if a man knows which condom size he should use, then he will be more inclined to use one because he will not have the issues caused when wearing a too small or too large condom. Not having a penis myself, I cannot say if this thought process is right or not

I am a bit unclear if the data learned will be collected. If so, and the measurement isn't being done under the watchful eye of someone, I wonder just how skewed the data gathered will be. We are talking penis size here, not the best diet pill one can find.

Having been to Thailand twice, I can understand the need for this program. While the country and culture are extremely beautiful (so far it has been my favorite place we have visited), the sex industry is incredibly sad. I can't help but giggle every time I read the tagline "A Condom for All". For some strange reason it makes me think of the ending of the Pledge of Allegiance.


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Terri said...

lol @ that post and that crazy idea, but who knows? maybe it'll work!

Anonymous said...

Damn, got to believe that Thais have above average tools, then. According to Wikipedia, the average circumference is about 12,5 cm, which would mean a width near 4,5 cm.

(Mine is closer to Wiki standard, than the Thai one...)