Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Santa

I love when kids are just learning how to spell and write. Sami gave me her Christmas list last night for Santa and I couldn't help but smile.

Can you figure out what she is asking for?

baby clos for my Jopones doll
puleqla dolls
more books
dresup kloos
hello kite kemora

This is my translation of her list. Good thing Mrs. Santa was a communications major.

Baby clothes for my Japanese doll
Makeup set
Some Japanese cartoon (have no idea how to spell it myself!)
More books
Dress up clothes
Hello Kitty Camera

So her spelling isn't all that great, but hey. She is only 6! I think I will miss the day when I no longer have to decipher what she is writing.


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Karen said...

Alexis, I tried to translate them in my head and I could not get makeup set. Now that you translated it, it makes perfect sense!