Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

How strange it is to be sitting on the beach for Christmas Eve, in a country that does not celebrate Christmas like we do. Since we are staying at a Sheraton Hotel they are having Christmas "activities", but to put things in perspective Matt and I are going to a "Very Scary Christmas Eve" party down the hall this evening. And the decorations? A coffin decorated with Christmas decorations and skulls. Don't worry there is a tree too. The servers are wearing Santa suits with their faces painted. So odd. I keep thinking it has to be one of those tv deals where someone jumps out saying I am being "punked". But hey, it makes me miss my family a wee bit less since it just doesn't even feel like Christmas here.

We will be celebrating Christmas when we return back to Japan in December 27. Santa was a real nice fellow and agreed to come late to our house since it would be much easier on him and us. So make sure when you put out your cookies and milk tonight for Santa you remind him for us his promise to come just a few days late to the Jacobs' house. Sami would be really appreciative. :-)

So to all my friends and family... we love you and we miss you. Alot.

Merry Christmas!!!


dannie1978 said...

Was thinking about your family this morning. Hope that you have a safe trip home and a very merry Christmas.

Lots of Love,

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