Monday, January 11, 2010

Word To My Mother

Growing up many kids think that their parents are out to ruin their lives and make sure they never have any fun. I remember telling my parents many little facts about what my life would be like when I became a parent.

"I will be my child's best friend."
"I will be the cool parent."
"I will let my kids do X, Y and Z."
"My child will never tell me they hate me."
"I will never X."
"My kids will always want me around."
"My kids would never do X."
"I would never be ask strict as you guys are with me."

They used to always tell me "uh huh", "right", and "lets see how that works out for you."

As a mother of 3, let me publicly tell my parents, boy was I wrong. Mom and dad, for every door slam, eye roll and "I hate you" I humbly and deeply apologize. And remember that little saying "Paybacks are a female dog"? Right again you were.

Oh how different one's perspective changes when becoming a parent. I guess DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Price were wrong after all. "Take it from me Parents just DO understand."


Kimmber said...

Haha, very true!

Every time I'm greeted with a "I hate you" my standard answer is, "Good then I must be doing my job right!"

Deborah said...

oh no! I'm scared of the teenage years. And for the record, whether Emily knows it or not - you ARE definitely a cool mom!

DeeDee said...

yes, I also have had to tell my parents that I was wr- wro-wron---wrongggg! . And now that my girls are parents..well they sing a different tune also!

life is so funny!

Joy, DeeDee

Melanie said...